Welcome to Paradiso Hillside Resort & Restaurant – Welcome to Camiguin, one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the Philippines. Among the 7107 islands, the people of Camiguin are considered to be the most friendly ones.

Paradiso Hillside Resort & Restaurant

The Paradiso Hillside Resort & Restaurant lays in the northwestern part of Camiguin in the cool and green hills above Agoho. From here you have a 180 degrees view over the Bohol Sea and White Island. Every evening we celebrate another stunning sunset. During some summer-nights we sit on our terrace and admire the lightnings over Bohol and even Cebu Islands.

The big advantage of the hillside location are the lower temperatures and the always blowing gentle breeze. The beaches are in walking distance (about 15 minutes downhill) and can also easily be reached by mountain-bike, motorbike or motorela. Please inquire.

The Paradiso Hillside Restaurant

Agoho is a fisher village about 4 kilometers north of the island’s capital Mambajao. The economy is based upon fishing and farming, with copra providing the greatest income contribution. Other agricultural products are abaca, rice, mangoes, lanzones and other fruit trees.

The growing tourism industry have improved the economy of the province. Small cottage industries have increased in number to accommodate the influx of visitors. Fortunately tourism industry, fishery and farming are well balanced. If you like, you may go fishing with local fisher folks or visit farms.

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