Paradiso Hillside Restaurant

Our Ristorante is true Italian. It has its origins in Napoli in the southern part of Italy. Our owner and chef Vinzenzo prepares authentic food that you only can find in the best Neapolitan restaurants.

Paradiso Hillside Restaurant

The most popular variety of pasta, besides the classic spaghetti and linguine, are the paccheri and the ziti, long pipe-shaped pasta, broken by hand before cooking and usually topped with Neapolitan ragù. Pasta with vegetables is usually also prepared with pasta mista (pasta ammescata in Neapolitan language)

Paradiso Restaurant Pasta Paradiso Restaurant Insalata

Neapolitan cooking has always used an abundance of all kinds of seafood from the Tyrrhenian sea. Here in Camiguin seafood is caught by local fisher folks. Some mussels and prawns are freshly delivered from General Santos.

Paradiso Restaurant Mussels

Pizza is the most popular and best known creation of all Neapolitan cuisine. It soon became very popular among the people as well as barons or princes. After Italian unification, the new kings were also attracted by this southern food. The pizzaiolo Raffaele Esposito created in 1889, in honour to queen Margherita of Savoy a nationalistic pizza, where the colours of the Italian flag were represented by the mozzarella (white), tomato (red) and basil (green). Since then this pizza is called the pizza Margherita.

Paradiso Restaurant Pizza

Vinzenzo and his crew allow guests to have a look in their kitchen. He also likes to give away hints about making this and preparing that.

Paradiso Restaurant Kitchen

The way up to the restaurant is steep. Guests are asked to leave their cars on the concrete road below the hill. You then can either hike 5 minutes up the really steep hill or you can call the chef to (0939 124 6414) fetch you with his multicab. 

Paradiso Restaurant

Reservation is recommended during peak seasons March/April/May and October. Please call +63 939 124 6414.

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